Picking up from where the 850 model left off, the Volvo S40 was a force in the BTCC, the Swedish Touring Car Championship and the Australian Super Touring Series and won Bathurst in 1998 with the fantastic combination of local hero Jim Richards and swedish ace Rickard Rydell.

While the local following for the cars isnt quite as strong as it is for the 850 and 70 series models, we offer a range of performance and replacement parts to suit Volvo S40 and V40 models.

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ATE brake rotors

ATE brake rotors are standard equipment on many Volvo models. They are a great quality rotor and can offer a long service life.
We can offer them in slotted and non slotted variants. They're ideally suited as a replacement brake rotor.
Pricing varies according to rotor choice.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Project Mu HC+ brake pads

With a lower friction coefficient than the RC09 Club Racer pad, the Project Mu HC+ still offers fantastic performance and performs better from cold.

It is a very high performance brake pad and is perfectly suited is both an aggressive road pad and a real race pad.
Performance from cold right through until 800 deg C is very good and the pad offers very good initial bite, high fade restistance and good pedal feel.

Available as front and rear pads for the Volvo S40 and V40.

Part number
HC+ S40/V40 Front 2.0L and T4 Z166-HC $319.00

Project Mu Euro Eco brake pads

Project-Mu Euro Eco pads are developed to outperform original pads, whilst offering excellent low dust and low squeal properties.
Designed specifically for European vehicles which have less durable rotors than Japanese or locally delivered vehicles, Euro Eco is kind to the rotor.

Euro Eco pads are a reliable way to upgrade the braking performance of your European vehicle, at minimal cost.

Part number
EuroEco S40/V40 Front 2.0L and T4 Z166-EECO $229.00
EuroEco S40/V40 Front 1.8L Z167-EECO $229.00
EuroEco S40/V40 Rear Z266-EECO $219.00

Textar brake pads

Textar brake pads are an ideal, cost effective original replacement pad. They are a good value, general use pad.

Part number
Textar S40/V40 Front 2.0L and T4 contact us
Textar S40/V40 Front 1.8L contact us
Textar S40/V40 Rear contact us

Volvo Genuine brake pads

Of course, sometimes we just like things to be exactly as they were from new. If this is you, we can help. We can also supply genuine Volvo brake pads.

Part number
Volvo Gen S40/V40 Front 2.0L & T4 contact us
Volvo Genuine S40/V40 F 1.8L contact us
Volvo Genuine S40/V40 rear contact us

Hi-Tuning performance ECU upgrades

Based in Sweden, Hi-Tuning have a wealth of experience in ECU upgrades for various European makes.

Rather than a replacement standalone system, factory ECUs are re-mapped via chip replacement or re-flashing, providing an increase in power and torque.

Results will vary per vehicle, however below are just a couple examples -
  • 1996 Volvo 850R man: Increase of 37kw / 73Nm
  • 1997 BMW 528i: Increase of 15kw / 32Nm
With a company philosophy similar to our own, DVS providing Hi-Tuning ECU Upgrades in Australia makes perfect sense!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

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Nuke Performance fuel rail

Available for a range of Audi, Bmw, Ford, Nissan, Saab, Toyota, Volvo & VW models, Nuke Performance' range of fuel rails are a fantastic addition to turbo-charged, super-charged and Naturally aspirated engines.

The body and all components are CNC-machined from 6082 aluminum alloy.
This is the best fuel rail on the market and has the highest flow capacity.

The Injector safety Bracket gives a Tight and Safe operation.
The Fuel rail also is available with Nuke aluminum banjo-type fittings and hardware, with over sized internal dimensions for minimum cavitation.
All fittings have nitrile o-rings for a long service life.

Comes with two 8AN fittings as standard.

Part number
Nuke S40/V40 4cyl fuel rail. blue. 100-01-102 $219.00
Nuke S40/V40 4cyl fuel rail. black. 100-01-202 $219.00

K&N air filters

K&N air filters offer improved flow over standard paper flat panel filters, and are fully washable and reuasble.
Never buy another filter again!

Part number
K&N S40/V40 Turbo panel filter 33-2763 $95.00

Bilstein shock absorbers

We offer a range of Bilstein shock absorbers.

Regardless of your application, there is a Bilstein shock absorber to suit your needs.

We can help you select a shock absorber to compliment your springs and vehcile use.

Shock Absorbers are not stocked items. Please allow a reasonable time frame for delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Koni Sport shock absorbers

Koni Sport shock absorbers are available from DVS.

Koni are specilists in performance shock absorbers and the Koni Sport adjustable shock absorber is a very good single-adjustable shock absorber, suited to performance enthusiasts and entry-level track day use.

Shock Absorbers are not stocked items. Please allow a reasonable time frame for delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Sachs shock absorbers

Sachs are the factory fitted shock absorbers on many Volvo models.

They're ideally suited if you simply need a replacement for worn out originals and also work fine with the King Springs lowered spring set we have available.

Shock Absorbers are not stocked items. Please allow a reasonable time frame for delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

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