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Volvo Brake Products | DVS P80 320mm front brake conversion

Product detail -

The 320mm LS-LV Ford Focus XR5/ST225 and the Volvo P1 platform S40 & V50 T5 AWD front brake package is considerably larger than the 280mm or 302mm brake package found on P80 platform 850/C70/S70/V70 models and offers improved braking performance due to the larger rotor, larger caliper and larger pad surface area.
This makes it an ideal upgrade for Volvo P80 models.
Components required for the conversion are inexpensive and it represents a fantastic performance-per-dollar upgrade.

Required parts for this conversion are -

DVS P80 320mm brake conversion adaptors are sold with a detailed fitting guide, which includes a comprehensive list of all required parts. These can all be sourced, with the exclusion of the calipers, from DVS.
All hardware, brake lines, pads and rotors, can be sourced from DVS or your preferred local supplier.

DVS P80 320mm conversion
DVS Volvo P80 platform 320mm conversion adaptors

This conversion allows the fitment calipers and rotors from Volvo S40/V50 T5 AWD and LS-LV Ford Focus XR5 models to the front of Volvo P80 platform models. Calipers from these models are considerably larger than P80 platform calipers, with a larger pad. The increase in brake rotor size also works to improve braking performance.

DVSBRK2 | $109.00 | Product images
HEL Volvo P80 V70R Front brake lines

Pair of front brake lines for Volvo P80 V70R, and cars with factory 302mm front brakes fitted or for use with our DVS 320mm brake conversion. Lines feature a teflon core, with a braided stainless outer, a coloured plastic outer sheath and high quality fittings. ADR approved.

VOL-4-183 F | $105.00 | More info
DVS Volvo P80 320mm brake conversion fasteners set

All fasteners required to fit DVS adaptors and calipers to your P80 Volvo.

2x M12 x 1.75 25mm countersunk cap screw, 2x M12 x 1.75 50mm cap screw, 2x M12 x 1.75 60mm cap screw, 4x 12.5mm x 5mm spacer.

DVS320FK | $23.95
DVS P80 320mm conversion kit
DVS Volvo P80 platform 320mm conversion kit

Includes DVS adaptors, fasteners and HEL brake lines to fit our P80 320mm brake conversion to your vehicle. Just add calipers, rotors and pads.

DVS320KIT1 | $229.50 | Product images
DBA XP pads
DBA XTreme Performance brake pads

Capabale of withstanding high rotor temperatures and offering good bite from cold, DBA XTreme Performance brake pads are ideal for our DVS P80 320mm brake conversion.

DBA1658XP | $199.00


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